Men's Bloom Cup Report 2023

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Men's Bloom Cup 2023. 

Five pairs played last Sunday 14th May in Fourball Matchplay format in Edmonstown Golf Club.     

Edmondstown   3     Kilmashogue    2       

Nearly there….. but not quite….
In a closely fought contest Edmondstown edged out Kilmashogue when a successful putt on the 18th green in the last match meant that a march up the 19 th was not necessary.
With all the matches played away there were 2 comprehensive wins, one for either side, while the other 3 matches all went to the 18th .
Thank you to the Team for representing Kilmashogue Golf Club in a sporting and competitive manner.
Thank you to the Bloom Cup panel for their availability and practices completed in Edmondstown.
It is with pride we managed this team.

Thanks All, Jim and Brendan

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