KGC hosts ILGU Neutral Venue Day

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A splendid day of golf at home on Sunday as Kilmashogue hosted their ILGU Neutral Venue Day.

Eight teams with a full complement of caddies and supporters descended on Kilmashogue from 8.00am until late into the evening.

Over 100 visitors, 80 meals prepared in two sittings, tea, coffee and scones offered all day long, parking, course preparation at 7.00am and the constant requirement for hosting and managing guests made for a very busy day of club activity.

Events were orchestrated by Wendy, Barbara and Jennifer who were supported by an army of volunteers and helpers both ahead of and on the day. The club and course looked fantastic and the feedback and compliments from our visitors were excellent.  

Huge thanks go to all involved from both the ladies and men’s section of the club. This event required an enormous effort to prepare and execute, and successfully showed off the very best of Kilmashogue Golf Club.





First teams out... 







The early morning crew







  The scone makers!





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