KGC 4 1/2 Roganstown 1/2 First Leg Best Cup Final

By kilmashoguegc, Sunday, 7th August 2022 | 0 comments

Best Cup Final 1 st Leg Sun 7th August ….  Result.. KGC 4 1/2  Roganstown 1/2

Best Cup Final 2nd Leg Sun 14th Aug 2.00pm.... 

It’s only Half Time……….

In the scorching heat of Kilmashogue our team gained an advantage of 4.5 to .5 going into the 2 nd Leg of the Best Cup final in Roganstown. It was an excellent performance by our team who represented the Club and the Best Cup panel to great sporting and competitive effect.
So while we are in a good position nothing can be taken for granted in this competition so
preparations will continue this week to be ready for next Sunday 14th August at 2.00pm  in Roganstown.
There are many people to thank for their active support towards the success so far but excuse us if we hold off until after next Sunday when we can put all into its proper context.
Next stop …. Roganstown
Thanks All, Jim and Brendan

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